If you and your team are in charge of keeping a large service running, then you may recognise yourself in the following situations. Enjoy!

Monday morning for devops

First customer demo

Sales guy tells devs what he agreed with the new client

Switching to a new datacenter while in production

Handling support tickets after launching a new product

Talking to the sysadmin of your new client

QA giving ‘feedback’ on your new feature

Emergency patch required

QA’s first look at your new plugin

Merging that gazillion-line pull-request

Customers after applying a performance boost

Demo’ing your new feature without testing

Sysadmin of new client insists on using IE6

Waiting for your cool new feature to get deployed

After a night in the datacenter

Reading O’Reilly “Mastering Regular Expressions”

Getting back to that code you wrote last year

Sales guy to devs right before big demo

Multi Master MySQL in practice

Fixing CSS on IE

Ok, devs, we have visitors today.. pretend to be normal

When somebody misplaces a bracket

Flipping the switch on that feature-flag

What the team sees when you introduce Git

Reviewing that mega pull request

Reading the new requirements document

Somebody commits a ‘syntax error’

This fix is going to be easy, let me show you

Messing up a server, but having puppet

Finding the best value for MaxClients

Watching somebody setup MMM

After fixing that cluster wide outage

Deleting a branch — the wrong one

Beta users after the first day

Someone suggests switching to NoSQL-all-the-way

Real users interact with your new feature

Sticking to coding conventions — at 3am

Almost dropping the wrong production database

Our servers on monday morning 9am

Server maintenance during primetime

After clearing your inbox

Your feature got canned

Hand tweaking a production database during primetime

Here, let me fix that in production…

Bug reports after a new release…

Trying something new in CSS

Checking network traffic on the load-balancer

Visiting the guy that wrote the build scripts

Crazy shell script works exactly as planned

Users during outage

Somebody decided to switch to cygwin

Importing the production database

Hey, I know that caller-id

Enjoying dinner while on pager-duty

You sold them what?

Checking Facebook wall of competitor after deploying your new release

Ops working on the firewall

Waiting for devs to fix the intranet

Releasing feature before your competitor does

User agreed to join ‘the beta-group’

User-error: Replace user

Junior dev talking to senior dev

What happened to the guy that wrote THIS?

Client insists on using windows mobile

Restart that server — oh no, the other one

Only 148 more clients to upgrade

Hi customer, we call this ‘the manual’

Getting your pull-request declined

Trying to focus on that urgent bug

When a Sales Droid wants to “work from the NOC”.

Reviewing code from “the new guy”

Can’t we just increase max execution time?

Product launch — almost there

When a user likes your new feature

Joining product demo of competitor

When ops team comes in for emergency